Welcome to Sath Foundation, a dedicated and passionate organization committed to making a positive difference in the world. Our foundation was established with the belief that every individual deserves access to opportunities that empower them to lead fulfilling lives. We envision a future where communities thrive, and every person has the chance to reach their full potential.


At Sath Foundation, our mission is to create sustainable and impactful initiatives that address pressing social challenges, focusing on education, health, and socio-economic development, while fostering compassion and collaboration within the communities we serve.


Empowering communities for a brighter tomorrow, where every individual has access to education, healthcare, and opportunities to thrive.


We believe in transparency and accountability. We are committed to maintaining clear communication with our stakeholders, sharing information about our initiatives, impact, and financial management.

Foundation Members

At Sath Foundation, our strength lies in the collective effort of our dedicated members. We are a community of individuals who are passionate about creating positive change and making a meaningful impact in the world. As foundation members, we share a common vision of empowering communities and working towards a brighter future.

Our members come from diverse backgrounds, bringing unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to the table. Together, we form a dynamic and collaborative team, united by our commitment to improving lives and fostering sustainable development.

Manish (Rinku) Jain


Mukesh(Raju) Jain


Kishore siddhpara

Prakash joshi


Raju Warjurkar

Mahendra Paliwal

Lakhan Sriwas

Nilesh Bhuptani


Shivpal Kukwas